The Darwin Scholarship has not yet been launched and is not currently open to applications.
The Darwin Scholarship is an award programme to support postgraduate study at a selection of international universities affiliated with the Darwin International Institute for the Study of Compassion (DIISC).

DIISC’s core mission is to support the development of emerging scholars, especially future leaders, as intelligent and skilled promoters and sustainers of compassion. That perspectives and concerns from different fields and disciplines will conflict or challenge each other is inevitable, but their exponents must agree to coexistence and dialogue. The institute will model and promote Socratic dialogue, conversation and reflection – with a firm acceptance of the inevitability of doubt and of the dark forces that can emerge within even the most benign of traditions and individuals.

Academic and exploratory consideration of compassion will together be part of “changing the conversation”, for individuals, and for the world of interaction, cooperation, organisation and society. DIISC will aim to develop fluency in interdisciplinary working to encourage and develop an inclusive, academically credible and influential narrative about compassion.

The Darwin Scholarship is a new award programme for postgraduate study, predominantly at Master’s and doctoral levels, offered by the Darwin International Institute for the Study of Compassion (DIISC). The programme is funded through the Darwin Centre Trust, or through funds raised in partnership with affiliated universities. Darwin scholars will be supported to produce cutting edge research in an increasingly relevant field, their work enriched through participation in interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue.

Applications are invited from candidates with research proposals that seek to explore the meaning and relevance of compassion and the factors that enable or inhibit it, and that promote its integration into the understanding and practices of society. DIISC is eager to support such research projects in any field or discipline.  Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to interdisciplinary dialogue.

The Darwin Scholarship programme is in its infancy. In 2019, the first cohort of scholarships will be offered to candidates who have been accepted at a small number of its affiliate universities. DIISC and the universities in question have worked together to secure dedicated funding for studies in particular disciplines.  As the scheme develops over the next few years, the range of disciplines is likely to expand, so that members of this first cohort will find themselves part of an increasingly diverse multi-disciplinary community.

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