DIISC is building up an international network of affiliated institutions, including universities, NGOs and other organisations that share the aim of helping to foster a new generation of compassionate leaders in their respective fields.

Part of the ethos that connects all affiliates is a shared commitment to academic rigour; open dialogue and interdisciplinary learning; and reflective practice.

DIISC is a growing network. As of 2018, 17 affiliates have signed up to work with DIISC and several others have expressed a strong interest in signing up in future.

DIISC’s international hub office is located in Shrewsbury, UK – the birthplace of Charles Darwin.

DIISC also has two regional hub offices. The UK hub office is based in the Centre for the Study of Compassion at UCLan and the North American hub office is based in the Institute for the Study of Compassion at University of New Mexico. There are plans to establish further regional hub offices around the world in the near future.

Each of these regional hub offices is responsible for coordinating regional DIISC activities and sharing funding opportunities as well as news and events relevant to Darwin scholars and other DIISC colleagues.

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